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Creative Team
Creative Team April 9th, 2024

deck during summer

Now that it’s summer, the family is probably itching to head outside and have some fun on the deck. Whether you host weekly barbecues or have an above-ground pool at one end, your deck is a hub of summer activity. Since the sun is blazing and the temps are rising, you want your deck to be in tip-top shape for your family and friends to enjoy as the summer wears on. Learn more about the top 10 deck improvements for your New Jersey deck for fun in the sun this summer.

1. Refinish Your Deck

First things first: if your deck weathered a particularly rough winter, then it’s likely due for a refinishing job. Getting your deck professionally sanded, pressure washed and stained will give it new life for another summer.

Smoother is Better

Smoothly sanded boards are perfect for running across in bare feet. A new coat of stain or paint gives your deck new life, and you can experiment with new colors for a fresh take on your outdoor space.

2. Make any Necessary Repairs

If you’ve got loose boards or rickety deck stairs, you definitely want to make repairs before the summer gets into full swing.

Get a Pro

Have a professional assess your deck needs and make the necessary repairs. That way, you can get outside and grill or chill without worrying about tripping and falling on your deck.

3. Add New Pillows and Decor

Furniture on your deck goes a long way toward making it a fun place to chill out and drink a cold beverage with friends or read your favorite summer novels.

Outdoor Living Space

Upgrade your outdoor living room with new furniture and pillows to give it a comfortable vibe. You may never want to use your indoor spaces again.

4. Pot Some Plants

Potted plants bring texture and character to your deck. They are particularly useful when you have a raised deck that isn’t level with the plants in your backyard garden.

Create Visual Interest

Choose potted trees or plants with tall shoots that give some privacy and visual interest to the deck area.

5. Add a Screen

Screening in your deck makes the space functional throughout the summer, even on rainy days.

Protection From the Elements

Opt for a full roof and screen that gives you more thorough protection from the elements, or choose a simple, decorative privacy screen to add above your deck rail.

6. Upgrade Your Grill

Is your grill older than your youngest child? You may want to consider replacing your grill if you notice that it has rust spots or burns through propane at a really fast rate.

Outdoor Cooking

Find a newer model that allows you to smoke a chicken or that has burners so you can prep your favorite veggie sides outdoors.

7. Add a Puppy Corner

Give your pet some love with an outdoor puppy corner on your deck. After all, the pets are family members, too.

Sweet Freedom

Set up his food bowl and water – this works best on a protected deck that doesn’t attract other animals – and let him come and go as he pleases. Just don’t forget the doggie door!

8. Include Some Pops of Color

Incorporating color to your deck makes it a fashionable room that acts as an extension to your indoor decorating scheme. You can use color in small pops for dramatic effect or bold strokes to really set the stage.

Just Add Accessories

Choose colored accessories, like pillows and rugs, that add comfort and color as well as a patterned design element. Consider painting an exposed wall or one side of your deck screen in a bold hue that adds a whole new element of design.

9. Set up a Potting Corner

Chances are, if you’re already maintaining an outdoor garden, you cross your deck each time you head to and from it. So why not add a potting corner to your deck to allow easy access to the items you grab most?

Consider Storage

Add an outdoor table and some storage to set your garden tools, pots and soil away. Then simply break everything out when you need to use it and you’ve got all of your necessities right at hand.

10. Add Ambient and Safety Lighting

Deck lighting serves an important function for both ambience and safety. Choose outdoor deck lighting that meets one or both of these needs to keep your family safe and relaxed while outdoors.

Beautiful and Safe

Ambient lighting can include twinkle lights that shroud your outdoor dining area in romantic vibes. Don’t forget to add safety rope lighting to rails and stairs to keep your eyes on the guiding path around the deck itself.

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