There are few things as satisfying as a freshly cleaned hardwood floor. There’s a quality that hardwood flooring provides that you simply can’t get with other types of flooring, and when properly taken care of, you can enjoy those beautiful hardwood floors for years to come. When it comes to hardwood floor care, there are a few cleaning methods that you should certainly avoid, as they can unintentionally damage or hinder your hardwood’s appearance. Here are four cleaning no-nos from the expert hardwood floor installation team at All Flortech in New Jersey!

Soaking Wet Mops

Too much water can damage hardwood floors by causing them to swell and warp. When cleaning hardwood floors, be sure to use a damp, not soaking wet, mop. The simple rule to live by with mops is that less is more. If you can’t live without mopping, you should at the very least use a mop that effectively squeezes out excess water. 


Ammonia can also damage the finish and is a harsh chemical that’s not good for your indoor air quality. This pungent chemical contains properties that actually deteriorate the lignin in hardwood, the organic polymer that makes wood rigid.


Oil-based cleaners can leave a residue on your floors that attracts dirt and dust. This can eventually lead to your floors looking dull and dirty. Oil soap is designed for cleaning wood, but it can actually leave a residue that will attract dirt and make your floors look lifeless. Small amounts of diluted oil can help with shine, but don’t overdo it — oils also make your hardwood dangerously slippery.


Vinegar is a popular cleaning solution for a variety of surfaces, but it’s not ideal for hardwood floors. The acidity in vinegar can strip the finish from your floors, leaving them dull and unprotected.

The bottom line when cleaning your hardwood floors basically comes down to two things: less is more regarding moisture and water, and avoid harsh chemicals that can strip or damage your wood. If your hardwood floors are in need of refinishing to bring back their old shine, contact All Flortech in New Jersey today!

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