Balusters are an innate feature of both modern as well as traditional homes. They serve to add a distinct architectural signature to building interiors and exteriors, while also adding an element of safety. The type of material used to create balusters varies, based on their use. Balusters are typically made from stone, wood or in recent times, metal.

What Exactly Are Balusters?

Balusters are the individual spindles in a balustrade that usually borders parapets or balconies, or feature in handrails on stairways. A number of such spindles are assembled together on a common base to form a balustrade of the required length.

Decorative Iron Balusters

With several decorative iron balusters now being available in the markets, it is now relatively easy to spruce up homes with a preferred design. People are often impressed by the neat balustrades that highlight balconies, parapets, open decks or stairways when they are visiting a building or home for the first time.

Wooden balustrades need just that extra bit of care to keep them in good shape for years, and may need some enhancements to offset the too familiar backdrop. Even with the best of care, it is but natural for wooden structures to deteriorate with time, and compromising the safety of the structure itself. Sleek iron balusters not only improve the visual experience, but also cuts down on the effort and the time spent on maintenance. They increase the class of the structure and also tend to add value to the property.

Traditional homes often sport wooden stairways, replete with ornate balustrades and newels. Using ornate iron balusters is an ideal way to quickly remodel these homes, without any major deviations from the existing structural aspects of the place. Iron balusters add a tad of style and sleekness, especially when mixed with wooden newels and hand rails, bringing in the much needed change, while still retaining the comforting warmth of wood. The effects are quite impressive, especially in homes with hardwood floors. Iron balusters effortlessly fit into contemporary homes as well; they are sleek, intricate, yet minimalistic to match today’s lifestyle.

There are several spindle designs one gets to choose from, spanning the basic solid or hollow square or rounded tubes, intricate designs such as twisted baskets, geometric patterns, scrolls, twisted ribbons, flowers, and gothic patterns. One may also get special custom-designed pieces to suit specific needs. Powder-coated iron balusters are also available in different colors, along with unique copper as well as bronze finishes to go with the color of existing home interiors, woodwork and flooring.

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