You wouldn’t trust just anyone to work on your vehicle, right? Even if you don’t personally know the mechanic, you’d want them to be certified, licensed, and well-regarded among their peers.

The same is true for your flooring contractor. Who you have installing hardwood floors in your home or office does matter, because your hardwood flooring is a daily-use, high-traffic feature in your home. For as much use as your hardwood flooring sees, you want them to be installed by professional flooring contractors, like the pros at All Floortec of New Jersey. Here’s our checklist for flooring contractors you can trust.

Certification and License

Always make sure that whoever is installing hardwood floors in your homes is a licensed New Jersey flooring contractor. It’s important that you work with highly-experienced professionals who operate on a set of board-certified standards because installing hardwood flooring is expensive and shouldn’t be handled by just anybody.

Referrals and Connections Within the Industry

Many flooring contractors operate on a referral basis. While tools such as online review boards do exist, they’re often easy to manipulate and aren’t as reliable as a fellow industry professional passing along a name. This is important because these are referrals coming from other contractors. They know the business and will be able to attest to the quality of your chosen contractor’s work. Online reviews are from the customer’s perspective, and though helpful, are not always an accurate representation of the work.


A flexible contractor is a must. Because installing hardwood flooring is such an involved and time-consuming process, you can expect your flooring contractor to spend a great deal of time in your home, prompting the need for flexible scheduling. Look for a contractor like All Floortec, who offers flexible scheduling and will work with you to get the job done on your time.


Finally, look for a flooring contractor who offers a solid warranty. Hardwood floors see a lot of traffic, and if you don’t have confidence in your contractor, you might end up with a shoddy floor and a contractor who you won’t ever hear from again. That’s why All Floortec offers a unique lifetime warranty on all hardwood flooring and finishing. Check out some of the many services we offer warranties on!

Finding the right flooring contractor is a must. After all, new hardwood flooring isn’t cheap. So go with a name you know — go with All Flortec, and see what over 20 years of hardwood flooring installation experience can do for your home.

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