Having hardwood floors is a great luxury. If you look after them correctly, then they will look as good as new for years to come. It is important to learn how to clean hardwood floors. They can be scratched even with the most minute dust particles if not cleaned immediately and in the correct manner. The maintenance of these floors may be a little more, but they will serve their purpose well, especially if you have people with allergies living with you. Sweeping and dusting should be a regular part of your clean up routine.

Before you find out what to do with your hardwood floors, it’s better to know what not to do. Regular household cleaning devices are not really meant for these floors. There are cleaning products, from brooms to solutions that are created specifically for this kind of wood. Using water to mop these floors is not a good idea either. A damp cloth for small accidents is acceptable but no more than that. You should also avoid the use of ammonia to clean the floor or a wax that contains urethane or some gloss. Dragging furniture across a surface is also not a good idea. Instead, you can install felt feet on all your furniture to prevent any abrasiveness.

You can protect your hardwood floors in several ways. Vacuuming them on a regular basis with a bare floor attachment is a good idea. Discoloration happens when your floors are exposed to too much sunlight. Using blinds to protect flooring from direct sunlight is one way of preventing your wood floors from changing color; you could also protect your floors with rugs. Walking around with high-heeled shoes or allowing pets with long nails to walk on your wood floor can spoil it or result in scratches. If there are certain points on the floor where there is heavy footfall, putting in small area mats or rugs will help prevent wear and tear and spills. These rugs will have to be cotton, or else, water or moisture could get caught underneath.

It is important to clean up all spills with a paper towel or a dry cloth instantly. If you have a wax-finished floor, it would be best to use a buffer on it. These are available in any specialist stores around. Even if you are in a hurry, it is also important that you do not use any cleaning solution that is meant for another surface like tile, lineoleum or even laminate. Such cleaning agents will not work well on hardwood floors. If you find that your hardwood floor is stained and the wax finish has rubbed off, scour the area very gently with delicate steel wool. Work your way from outside inward. Then apply a coat of wax on top to finish it.

A good tip to keep handy. Vinegar is one quick fix solution that works great for hardwood floors: Mix a cup of vinegar in a gallon of water for an inexpensive cleaning solution that will instantly get rid of stains.

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