The money potentially saved from doing hardwood refinishing by yourself is alluring. However, it’s rare to hear how often and costly the mistakes will be during the average process. All Flortec Inc. in West Milford, NJ, is here to highlight the four biggest mistakes that come from installing hardwood floors by yourself without hiring a professional. Contact us for a free consultation on your hardwood floors today!

Image of carpentry tools

Using the Wrong Equipment

Attempting to clean hardwood floors without a proper plan and only your power tools at home spells for inconsistent disaster. While some people might be able to get their hands on some state-of-the-art equipment, their lack of experience and refined technique will nullify the effectiveness of those tools. Hiring a team with a consistently great track record on using professional equipment properly will save you time and money with a great-looking hardwood floor.

Image of a floor polisher

Uneven Sanding

Sanding is essential for any wood floor restoration project. A drum sander is a tool you’re looking for sanding and floor projects. Experience will dictate the quality of work over any tool you could purchase when it comes to proper sanding. What makes this even more alarming is how important it is to level your sanding. With the potential for stains and spots popping up in the finished project, sanding levels evenly serves as the foundation for all future steps.

Image of a floor sander

Improper Application

Sadly the drum sander isn’t a swiss army knife for all-purpose flooring work. The areas of your floor that are close to the walls/baseboards will require an edger, which often requires long, tedious work after sanding. Not only will a professional team save you time from painstakingly drawn-out work, but they will make constant attention to your floor’s overall presentation while working on the small details.

Image of wood dust

Lingering Wood Dust

Both vinyl flooring and traditional hardwood flooring projects are susceptible to a significant amount of wood dust, which requires attention before finishing the floor. In addition, floors that remain unclean during refinishing projects will result in dust particles embedded into the stain and finish. Hiring professionals such as All Flortec Inc. for hardwood floor refinishing will alleviate all worries of wood dust and particles embedded into the finished project.

Not sure which one is for you when installing hardwood floors? There’s never a dumb question, and our team is here to assist you in the endeavors of your future projects. Contact All Flortec Inc. in West Milford, today for a free estimate!