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Discover The Latest Floor and Tile Trends for 2018

With the new year almost upon us, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you are going to improve your life in 2018. Although most of us will try to look inward at ourselves, we believe that it’s better to look down instead. At your floors.

Creative Team
Creative Team January 2nd, 2018

latest tile trends

Are you happy with the flooring that you have in your house right now? If not, then what are you going to do to change it? How about making a new year’s resolution to update and upgrade your floors in 2018?

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then you want to pay attention. Because we care deeply about your flooring options, we wanted to provide you with a list of the hottest trends for the new year.

After all, if you’re going to make a drastic change, you might as well make it topical and relevant too, right? So, with that in mind, here are the latest floor and tile trends you can expect for floors in 2018.

Wide Plank Flooring

When switching to hardwood, the pieces that you use are often a few inches wide. Lately, there has been a growing aesthetic that uses wide paneling to cover your floor instead. These components can be over a foot wide, which not only adds some extra texture and richness to your floor, it can also make it much easier to install.

The best thing about wide planks is that you get much more of the wood grain appearance. When the slats are only a few inches, much of that is lost. Although we do appreciate the clean look of traditional hardwood, we have to say that rustic is in right now.

So, if you’re looking to add a natural, earthy feel to your home, we highly recommend going with wide panels.

Repurposed Material Flooring

Have you ever seen those YouTube videos of people who cover their floors in pennies? Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. These days, industrious folks with way too much time on their hands are utilizing just about anything to cover their floors and create a unique, funky aesthetic that is both artistic and practical.

Although this kind of floor installation is much more involved than traditional options, it can allow you to make your home much more personal. Whether it’s coasters from your favorite bars or laminated prints of comic books and newspapers, the only thing limiting you is your imagination.

To ensure that you don’t get burned out with such a massive project, we suggest that you start with a small room and see how that goes. If you love the appearance and you don’t mind putting in the work, then feel free to make the rest of your floors as personalized as you like. 2018 can become the year of you.

Vinyl Flooring

If you like the look of hardwood, but you don’t want to pay high prices, then vinyl may be a better option. Not only is it cheaper, but it can be much easier to manage and clean, too.

The great thing about vinyl (besides the price) is that you can customize the appearance easier than with other flooring types. Tiles and woods can only come in so many styles, but vinyl is a versatile material.

These days, people are also upgrading to “luxury” vinyl floors. Rather than having something that can feel a bit cheap, they are searching for options that exude class and sophistication without the exorbitant price tag. Will you be one of them?

Green Flooring

No, we’re not talking about painting your floors green, nor are we talking about adding some kind of ugly carpeting. Instead, going green means that you are following LEED standards and certifications to ensure that your floors are economical and environmentally-friendly. The most popular options these days are:

Reclaimed Wood: pieces that would otherwise be tossed or burned are now being used for floors. For example, if you’re a wine connoisseur, you can put wine barrels on your floor.
Cork: Speaking of wine, you can make an entire floor out of the most popular closure material. Best of all, it doesn’t require that you finish 10,000 bottles (although that could be considered a negative) to make it happen. Cork flooring is produced from the bark of the tree, and it’s sustainable because it grows back quickly.
Sustainable Woods: if going green is your mission, then you can choose hardwoods that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Not only are they more elegant and beautiful than traditional woods, but they can also be cheaper.
Carpet Tiles
Overall, carpeting is coming back in a big way, but we didn’t want to mention something that was so “normal.” However, if you’re going to add some carpeting to your home, but you also want to infuse it with some style, then why not try carpet tiles?

This kind of flooring is exactly what it sounds like, and it can provide you with a lot of creative (and cost-effective) options. Rather than having a uniform color for your floor, you can mix it up by using tiles of various shades and hues. Best of all, it’s much easier to install than a full-sized spread.

Thanks for reading our blog! If you’re interested in the latest hardwood flooring trends, then contact us today!