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It’s hard to imagine that we’re in the 20’s again! Time moves forward, and so do the trends that flow along with it. If you feel like your flooring is stuck in the last decade (or two… or three) then you need to contact your friends and hardwood floor installation specialists at All Flortec! Here are some of the latest trends in hardwood flooring that you can expect to see in the coming year. Hopefully these spark an idea in your mind and you contact us to get started on breathing new life into your floors! Enjoy this list, and if you have any questions regarding styles and trends, come talk to us! We’re experts, after all.

Creative Team
Creative Team February 19th, 2024

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This is a great example of history repeating itself. For years, the herringbone pattern was usually only found in fancy entryways. In 2020, we think you’ll begin seeing this pattern emerge more and more as people look for flooring that breaks from the norm. The formalness of this pattern can give your home a traditional feel with a modern twist, a “neo-traditional” vibe, if you will. Think “The Great Gatsby” meets Apple, and we believe that you’ll begin to see the appeal.


Conversely to the previous trend, some consumers may be seeking to create flooring that is both timeless and can stand the test of time. Traditional hardwoods like hickory, combined with a clear finish, can be a compliment to almost any home design. It may be a very wise choice to go with a flooring option that you know will look spectacular at the end of this year, as well as at the end of the next decade and beyond. This doesn’t mean you have to be completely tame in your flooring choice — All Flortec can help you come up with interesting details that make your floor both traditionally dependable, as well as contain surprising elements, like varying board width and accent panels.


We’ve seen a recent trend towards lighter tones in hardwood design. Implementing a lighter wood, like white oak, can bring an airy, bright, coastal vibe to your home. Experimenting with board width and finish can also help your floors spring to life from the ground, and can totally elevate the feeling someone gets when they step into a space. Having lighter tones in your hardwood floors and general room design also gives you the opportunity to flip convention on its head, making the highlights of your room actually be dark fixtures, like black hardware, appliances, or furniture.


Smooth grain patterns in hardwood flooring have been a growing trend for homeowners seeking to add a sleek, modern feel to their homes. This feeling can be accentuated by using wide boards, a lighter-toned wood, and applying a matte finish to it all. The result can be a minimalistic, smooth, elegant design that sets your home apart from the conventional norm. This flooring style works extremely well with minimalist furnishings, as well as mid-century/modern pieces.


For those unfamiliar with what cerused wood is, it is wood that has been treated with a special application to bring out all of the details in the wood, and has a white, stony finish to it. Interestingly, ceruse was originally intended to be a skin cream, but was repurposed when it was discovered how it affected the appearance of wood. This special treatment of hardwood flooring accentuates the natural, organic beautify that is inherent in the wood itself, and can be an interesting counterpoint to the smooth, minimalist trend we’ve also discussed. This design can be very versatile, working well with several different design schemes, and finding a place in both urban and rural settings.


If any of these trends that we predict you’ll see in the coming year have sparked a light in your mind, bring your ideas to All Flortec! We would love to work with you to make your home and your floors a place you enjoy spending time. Contact us today and let’s get started on your new flooring project!