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“Timing and price was great. They are very professional and equipped to do an excellent job. They were able to accommodate my schedule within the same week that I called.” – Mitzi A. | Ridgefield, NJ

Creative Team
Creative Team January 16th, 2019


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It’s been a good long while since our last post, so we thought that we’d hit the hard reset button and kick off 2019 with a big picture blog! As Mitzi so graciously alluded to in her review listed above, we are a New Jersey hardwood flooring company that puts the needs of our customers before all else. Being in business for almost thirty years has equipped us with the experience and skills required to have a process that brings price point and turnaround times to the forefront. We prioritize customer experience in a very tangible way; everything we do is about making sure our customers are thrilled with both our process and results.


Today’s post, as the title no doubt already gave away, is all about highlighting our New Jersey hardwood flooring services, including hardwood floor installation, repair, refinishing, and beyond. Let’s dive in!

Hardwood Floor Installation

Whether you are looking for prefinished flooring installations from quality manufacturers or you’d prefer to go the route of using unfinished hardwood flooring (which we will sand and finish in your home), we are more than up to the task. We offer seemingly unlimited options of hardwood floor species, from Brazilian cherry and Santos mahogany to oak, maple, beech, ash, and pine.

We do the job right the first time, but for added peace of mind, we also provide one of the best warranties in the entire industry. That, coupled with our craftsmanship and price point, helps make us one of the top hardwood floor installers in the entire state of New Jersey!

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

In addition to hardwood installs, we also provide hardwood floor refinishing:

Step 1: Inspection and consultation
Step 2: Choosing your stain and finish – choose from water-based, oil-based, acid-cured, wax, and other finishes
Step 3: Remove furniture – we offer this service!
Step 4: Hardwood floor sanding – out with the old!
Step 5: Staining and Finishing – this takes a day or two dry completely

We’ll help you maintain your new wood flooring. Check out our dedicated resource linked above to browse all refinishing services that we provide here at All Flortec!

Wood Floor Repairs

If you’ve recently removed some walls, or perhaps you’ve found your old wood flooring is full of scratches, it might be time for a wood floor repair. Our New Jersey wood floor repair services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Old floor border duplication
Parquet flooring replacement and fabrication
Plank floorboard replacement
Strip oak flooring replacement
Prefinished board replacements
Patching old floors to match
Stain and finish repairs and blending
Scratched and worn finish repairs
Gaps and voids in wood floor repairs
Missing molding replacement


We provide many other services, from stair repair and replacement and rail refinishing to ceramic and porcelain tile installation! If you are ready to speak with a representative, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you and see if we can help make your home’s wood floor something you are truly proud of. Contact us today!