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Creative Team
Creative Team April 17th, 2024

stairs replacement

Your stairway may not be top of the list when you’re thinking about making home improvements and repairs. But be sure not to overlook this essential part of your home if you want to keep you and your loved ones safe. Updating and fixing your stair parts can also maximize your home’s resale value. Read on for some key signs that it’s time to fix or replace your stairs.

Adding Value To Your Home

Perhaps your house is already on the market, or you’re thinking about selling your home at some time in the future. Either way, your stairway can have an impact on how buyers respond to your home and its resale value.

First Impressions

The stairway is often the first thing you see when stepping into the entryway. So for prospective buyers, this is going to form a big part of their first visual impression of the home. If the stair treads are worn after many years of family use, consider updating them for a relatively easy change that can help you welcome guests to your home in style.

Building Code

In the process of selling a home, a general inspection will take place which will highlight any aspects of the property which aren’t up to building standards. Any major issues in this area could cause a headache for you in the selling process, or even put buyers off your home altogether. There are specific regulations around stairs, handrails, and balustrades – if you have concerns that your staircase might not meet code, then call in a professional for advice.

Your Comfort and Safety

Even if you’re not planning to sell your property anytime soon, your home should be a place where you enjoy being and where you feel safe. That alone might be enough reason to consider changing your stairs, especially if any of the following are true.

You’re Ready For a Change

Perhaps you don’t like the look of your current stairway, or it presents some physical challenges (spiral staircases are a good example of a feature that can look great but may be less than ideal for some) – if so, then maybe it’s time to make a change. Your home is your castle, so why wait?

Things That Go Creak in the Night

Houses can develop all kinds of quirks. And a squeaky step is often high on that list of ailments! At first, you might think it’s a problem you can live with, but after a time it can get bothersome, especially if it disrupts your sleep at night. Consider having a professional come in and take a look at what the underlying cause is. It might be easier to repair than you think and will be worth it for a restful night’s sleep.

You Can’t Put a Price on Safety

The importance of meeting building code was mentioned above and how it can impact selling your home. But more importantly for you, it can impact your safety. A large number of accidents in the home happen on the stairs. And the results can be particularly dangerous with the heights involved. Having railings that are the right height and balustrades an appropriate width apart can prevent serious injury. If you have children in the home, you want to be sure that each stair tread is in good condition. Kids have a tendency to run up and down stairways, so even a small amount of damage on a stair can be enough to cause a slip and fall. Don’t put off dealing with that repair. You may regret it if anything were to happen to you or your family.

Planning for the Future

Perhaps you are faced with some current mobility issues, or maybe this will be the home you will grow old in. With either of these in mind, the safety of your stairway will be of particular importance. Having secure handrails and stair treads in excellent condition are of utmost importance to reduce the risk of stairway slips and falls. Keep in mind, as the baby boomer generation comes of age, an ever-increasing senior population will be in the market for homes that can safely meet their particular needs.

Contact a local pro to learn more about repairing and fixing your stairs. The investment is worth your peace of mind about safety and maintaining a suitable home.

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