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Creative Team
Creative Team April 9th, 2024

interior of a living room with hardwood floor

Hardwood floors are made of natural material, and that’s why they possess some moisture content. The excess humidity level in the air may damage the floor. If there is a change in moisture level in the environment, then the moisture level will also change on the hardwood floor.

Carelessness may also lead to damage to these beautiful floors and further repairs in the future if they are neglected. After the long winter season, do a quick assessment to see if you should refinish your hardwood floors to maintain their beauty and integrity. To prevent the floors from damage, cracks, and shrinkage, it is essential to refinish them after the winter. Consider six of the top reasons to refinish NJ hardwood flooring after the long winter.


The high moisture content leads to the splintering of the edges of the floor. It is essential to maintain that portion immediately as it may create further damage. In winter seasons the planks shrink due to lack of moisture that may create spaces on the floor. Fixing this problem is very easy. A professional removes the dust from the spaces and then places wood swab glue in it. After that, he presses the splintered pieces carefully.

In case the splintering is severe, then it is vital to replace the plank. This does not have to happen if you refinish your floors every after winter every year. Remember, moisture degrades wood.


Extra exposure to sunlight or very less exposure to UV radiation causes discoloration. In winters there is no sunlight, and this causes the color of the wooden planks to fade. Remove any rugs on the floor to provide direct sunlight exposure.

To remove the discoloration, it is good to polish or use vinyl to give the floor a new look. There are materials you can buy from a reputable hardware store to bring back that wood shine. These things come in liquid form, and you need to apply them to the hardwood. Consult with a flooring pro to determine the best product to use on your type of hardwood floors.

Increase the Value of the Property

Winters cause bad things to happen on natural wood floors. Once the chilly season is over, it is good to refinish the floor because failing to do so will reduce the value of your home. An old floor that is not maintained means that the buyer will have to spend either on replacing it preparing it.

It will not only give it a brand new look, but it will also give the impression that the owners are serious in keeping the house in its original state of repair.

Give the Floor a New Look

The refinishing will give the floor a new alluring look. Every so often, wood can lose its luster. Dust and water can fade the colors and refinishing is the only way to bring the wood back to its original glory.

The best thing to do here, if unsure, is to call a professional. DIY projects are challenging when you work with woods since these surfaces are delicate and easily damaged. When you don’t know what you’re doing, experimentation become costly if you make mistakes.

Fix All Damages

The most important reason for refinishing wood floors after a long winter is getting rid of damaged areas of the floor. Splinters, cracks, and shrunken portions can be repaired in the refinishing process. If some area is more damaged, you can simply change that portion of the plank to give the floor a perfect look.

One of the essential benefits of refinishing hardwood floors is maximizing the lifespan of this investment. Whether you live in your NJ home for years to come or decide to sell it, the quality of your home improves when the hardwood floors are in excellent condition.

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