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We are back! You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging in the middle of a blog series for much longer than a month, did you? We do our best to be consistent with our blogging and other updates here at All Flortec Inc., but as you can probably guess, hardwood floor installation and repairs in New York and New Jersey tend to get in the way from time to time.

Creative Team
Creative Team July 9th, 2019

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That being said, we are thrilled to be able to spare a bit of time so we can provide our readers with the second post of this two-part series dedicated to choosing the right hardwood floor. While part one primarily concerned the age-old battle between light and dark (not good vs. evil, to be clear) hardwood floor colors, part two will highlight other options business and homeowners when installing hardwood flooring. Among those options are board widths, hardness, finish, textures, and naturally, wood species.

Before we dive into the meat and potatoes of part two, we’d like to remind our readers about who we are and what kind of wood flooring services we provide to the good people of New Jersey and New York!


“It was a pleasure working with James to get an estimate and get the job completed. He provided feedback and advice throughout the project. We refinished the first floor of our home and had tiles replaced with wood in the foyer and kitchen. The job took 3 days to complete and everything came out exactly as we wanted. Overall it was a very pleasant experience and we’d definitely consider using All Flortec again.” – Homeowner in Fair Law, NJ, Five Stars, Home Advisor

We wanted to highlight this Home Advisor review because it speaks to our dedication. While no two flooring projects are alike, we endeavour to always bring a spirit of professionalism and customer service whether we are refinishing a wood floor or installing hardwood flooring in a brand new home. This gracious Fair Law homeowner gave us several shout outs, but maybe the one that spoke to us the most is how we were committed to being communicative throughout the course of the project. We want to put our experience and industry knowledge to good use, so it’s awesome to be able to hear of how our customers take note of that exact thing!


As we mentioned above, the rest of today’s blog is all about giving our readers and prospective customers the options they have when it comes to hardwood floor installation. Never before have there been this many choices to make before getting a wood floor installed in your home or place of business, so we will do our best to break them down for you in a digestible fashion! Keep reading if you are ready for part two!


We know, we know — we said we wouldn’t discuss colors too much. But, in the interest of keeping this blog somewhat stand-alone in nature, we’d be remiss if we failed to mention that hardwood floor colors range all the way from dark brown and black to blond. It all depends on the species, finish, and what you are looking for from a function vs. price vs. aesthetic quality conversation. Again, check out part one for more information on choosing the right hardwood floor color!

Board Widths

A decision that often gets overlooked until later on in the process is the width of the boards on your floor. Your options range from very narrow strips that can be as slim as two or three inches to more modern board shapes such as parquet squares, rectangles, or more traditional squares. While deciding which is best for your home, keep in mind that the classic strip approach lends itself to giving the appearance of more space. On the other hand, planks generally offer a more rustic look. Parquet floors might be more appropriate in the business world, as they afford a more formal, refined aesthetic.


We discussed the differences you can expect from certain species a bit in part one, but to fully flesh the conversation out, let’s dive a bit deeper. The fact of the matter is that there is significant variability in terms of grain patterns, color, and durability between hardwood species. For instance, Brazilian cherry is beautiful, but it not often described as “durable” (for good reason). The same can be said of most other exotic woods, such as mahogany. Conversely, more traditional oak, cherry, or maple tend to be much more durable. These are elements worth considering when making your choice. You need to consider what kind of treatment these floors will experience on a daily basis — will you have pets? Do you and your family lead a rugged lifestyle? Answering questions like these will help make your decision-making process much more smooth.


Now we can get into some fun choices — although, to us at All Flortec, each aspect is plenty fun! When we talk about hardwood floor textures, it’s helpful to start by thinking of the kind of vibe you’d like your floors to give off. If you are more interested in a rustic, antique, or even understated feel, keep in mind that we can provide you with brand new wood that adds a slightly weathered character to your room of choice. On the other hand, you of course can get hardwood floors that shine so brightly you can practically see your reflection in them!

At All Flortec, we offer the option of going with distressed and hand-scraped hardwood floors that affords the room a classic yet rustic appeal. If there is another aesthetic you are interested in but we have failed to mention, just ask us! The odds are strong we’ll be able to provide you with exactly what you are looking for when installing your wood floor.


Hardness is also important. If you have kids and pets or even lead a busy life at home, it’s probably a good call to go with the hardest wood species available. These species tend to withstand standard wear and tear much more easily than softer species. Be sure to discuss the differences between engineered and solid hardwood when you give your hardwood flooring contractor a call!

Whichever you choose, don’t sweat the small stuff. All scratches can be sanded out and refinished an infinite number of times (unless you have an engineered hardwood floor, to be clear). In a perfect world, that doesn’t need to happen but every so often, we’ll be the first to admit!


Finally, there is the finish. Finishes instill floors with…well…the finishing touch in terms of shine and hue. This gives homeowners the chance to even out the surface after it’s been installed, ridding it of any imperfections.

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